Monday, April 27, 2015

Faith in Models...

Just when you think computer models are never right, along comes today.  If you watched Nicondra Norwood last night at 9 & 10, she showed the RPM model that nailed the squall line/bow echo that roared through us this morning.   It was on time & in the correct location.   The old saying…”even a blind squirrel finds a stray nut” every now and then.   That’s why INITIALIZATION is so important.    Tonight’s VIPIR does not initialize the current rainfall correctly. So I must buy into the RPM since it does.   The RPM moves the heavy rains offshore and away from us with no new line of storms coming for morning drive.   That is a change from earlier runs.  Let’s hope that is correct as we have now moved into the 5th wettest April spot just under 12” !   We need a week to dry out and we may get that as the upper disturbance over Texas lifts out and bring down cooler & drier air for the rest of this week.   IN fact, we could see a stretch of good feel, low humidity air into the weekend.  We’ve earned the break!  Stay tuned!   

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