Monday, April 13, 2015

Heavy Rain Potential Increases

In my last blog posting, I indicated we could see a lot (4-6”+) of rain during a 4-5 day stretch.    Based on what I am seeing in satellite/radar loops & computer guidance tonight, 4-6” may be too conservative since BIX already has almost 6” (5.83”) in the past 2 days.  Let’s pay attention until this upper pattern breaks down as disturbance after disturbances moves our way from the southwest.   So far we haven’t really seen the “training effect” set up that stalls over the same track for many hours.   However, with the ground so saturated from the past 2 rainy days, it wouldn’t take much to start flooding the streets making travel around the city difficult.   I don’t foresee anything like the past “100 year floods” since there should be some breaks in the rainfall that should allow the pumps to keep up.  It’s just a wise thing to have the FOX 8 weather app on your phone so you won’t be caught off guard if/when heavy rains develop.  Stay tuned!

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