Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Should be Much Less Stormy

One thing about living in the southern latitudes is it often is difficult following disturbances that are embedded in the sub-tropical jet stream.  Unlike farther to the north where features are easily seen in Water Vapor or cloud imagery, the southern stream often shows just faint hints of a jet streak that will be the trigger for producing lots of T-Storms.   Sooooo, we end up relying on computer guidance that shows us where it’s supposed to rain.  The problem is…the farther south one goes, the less accurate are the models.  Both VIPIR & the RPM models are projecting some rainy periods on Wednesday, but nothing like what we had today.  However, with 4-8”+ of rain the past 2-3 days, it won’t take much additional rainfall to cause street flooding.   That is why the Flash Flood Watch has been extended.   We’ll need to pay attention for another 2-3 days with Friday looking like the wettest day coming.   A cool front will finally sweep away the clouds and bring back the good feel air late Saturday into Sunday.   Yippee!

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