Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stormy at Times This Weekend

While watching the storm chasers on TWC tonight, I’m just glad I still don’t live up north.  On April 3rd, 1974, I was working in Dayton, OH.  25 miles from the deadly F5 Xenia tornado.   Fortunately we don’t often see those intense storms down south since the missing ingredient is strong upper level jet winds that  allow the “chimney effect” to develop tall T-Storms with strong up & down drafts.   North Louisiana, where the upper winds are faster, can get some nasty tornadoes, but usually ours are tiny, rope like structures that don’t last long.   A cold front is coming that could bring us some strong storms on Friday, but I think the main threat will be from gusty straight line winds, small hail and heavy rainfall.   We’ll need to pay attention over the weekend to see where the frontal boundary sets up since we could see the “training effect” develop that might result in flooding rainfall.   The better day appears to be on Saturday IF the front can push off the coast.  That would bring drier air over us, before the showers return on Sunday.

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