Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sweater Weather? R U Kiddin' Me?

If you are like me, I put away my sweaters and Winter clothes by mid April and bring out the Summer gear because we know what’s coming.  The increasing heat coupled with our high humidity makes wearing anything but lightweight clothes uncomfortable outsides.  Even with shorts & Tank tops you sweat.  So what is this as we near May 1st?   morning lows in the 40s North Shore & 50s South of Lake P.?   Yep, in fact the next 3-4 days will be almost chilly in the morning before that higher sun angle takes effect and makes the daytime absolutely perfect.   But don’t get use to it as the muggies will be back by Sunday PM along with higher temps.    Our stormy pattern, with the sub-tropical jet stream over us,  has finally shifted to the south and east.   No rain is expected until next week and that is good as we will end up as the 5th wettest (11.97”) April on record at MSY.

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