Thursday, May 7, 2015

ANA Named...finally

After a week of hype, NHC finally named a well defined low pressure off the Georgia coast “sub-tropical” storm ANA.   A truly “tropical” storm has a warm core with greater potential for heavier rains & wind.   The sub-tropical designation indicates a cold core system meaning much less potential for heavy rains and any rapid strengthening.      I’m not sure why NHC didn’t wait until Friday to name this as it is nearly stationary tonight.   Back in 2003 we had an early season storm named on April 20th.  Its name?   ANA.   Found it interesting reading regarding season’s that have early named storms.  In 62% of the years with early storms, season activity ended up below average.   38% had above average numbers.    I expect more early season activity before El Nino really kicks in over the Summer.


Our weather shouldn’t change much until ANA lifts away.   Almost hot & mostly dry through Sunday.  Next week looks wetter again  with some models hinting at something developing over the SW Gulf in the 7-10 day time frame.  Stay tuned!

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