Friday, May 8, 2015

Weather Extremes...

As most of you know, I have always believed weather operates in CYCLES and that “normals” are made up of averaging the highs & lows, the wet & dry.   Some cycles have predictability (Hurricanes active vs less active), El Nino vs La Nina while some are not predictable like droughts & floods.   We had an unusually wet April with almost a foot of rain.  May is almost rainless (.02” MSY) in most locations in SE LA/MS.   Our current dry CYCLE has reached 11 days at FOX 8 and should make 13 before a rainy spell returns.   We have been on the dry side of sub-Tropical Storm ANA and that will continue until ANA finally lifts to the northeast by Monday.  A weak front will approach us next week increasing our rain chances.  Sometimes slow moving fronts stall along the Gulf Coast in May allowing for the “training effect” to develop.  One of those event happened 20 years ago when 15-20” swamped the South Shore on May 8th and then shifted to the North Shore the next day.  Too soon to know if that will happen with this next front. Stay tuned!

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