Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An Agenda Revealed...Finally

Just like Bruce, err, Caitlyn Jenner, The Weather Channel finally admitted what many of us already have known for years.  They have an agenda that is connected to government & universities that will eventually force the United States to decrease our standard of living in their almighty cause to stop Climate Change.  Here is their position…”we report the science & the science consistently says climate change is real, humans are causing it and we must prepare for its effects.”     I agree with #1, Climate Change is Real…heck the climate is always changing.   Their agenda is to make folks think the recent warming CYCLE is new and unprecedented.   I disagree on # 2…humans are causing it.   Humans are causing a small part of LOCAL climate changes (urbanization, deforestation), but humans are not the DRIVER of climate change.   Ocean currents are and have always been the driver.   # 3…we must prepare for its effects.   Huh?   Translation…we will tax you more so you will use less.   Ask any smoker if that works?   iF we allow this agenda to go unchecked, government will in the future tell us what we can drive, how often we can drive & how far we can go.  Extend the thought further…they will tell us what we can eat & drink (oops they already are trying that!), how cool or warm our homes can be yada, yada, yada.   Wake up America.   You should wonder why The Weather Channel has assembled 25 ‘experts” that all agree with their agenda.  Where are the climate scientists who disagree like Dr Judith Curry Georgia Tech, Dr. Roy Spenser U-Alabama-Huntsville or Dr. Fred Singer.  There are THOUSANDS more but TWC want you to think there is consensus, that the debate is over.   It is because they won’t allow any debate.  Again, the issue is NOT climate change…but what is the DRIVER.   It is like someone asking me…”do you believe that there is a God”.   I can answer absolutely since I am a believer in my Faith.   But I cannot show anyone GOD, just what our Creator has created.   The climate modelers can say CO2 is the driver, but that is just a theory that is their belief.  It has become their RELIGiON .   True science REQUIRES DEBATE.   If we are not careful,  science will become religion.


Sorry about the rant, but someone has too.   Weatherwise, it appears we will revert to a wetter pattern, if not Thursday, then certainly for Friday & Saturday.   I’m going  to get in my SUV, drive home, lower the AC & pour me a Chardonnay.  I’ve worked for 44 years to enjoy my lifestyle.  I will fight those who try to take it away.


Deacon Jimmy said...

Amen Bob!!

scrimshaw said...

what is the driver of the ocean currents?

Kate Kartoon said...

Scrimshaw, The driver of ocean currents are water temperatures and salinity. The biggest worry with global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers which is causing large amounts of freshwater to be introduced into the ocean changing it's salinity and thus effecting it's density gradient. This article explains it better than I can:

Our effect on the warming if the earth (which is causing the melting) due to co2, and other greenhouse gas emissions is a little more direct. Pretty sure they taught us about it in elementary school.

While the exact amount that humans are effecting the current change our climate is going through can not be determined, it's pretty clear we've had a pretty significant impact. Man made or not we are undergoing a significant change in our climate.

More important than climate change however we should be worried about the direct effects of pollution on our food and water supplies. Easy examples being fracking making various cities water supplies become unusable (and sometimes flammable) and industrial pesticides killing off the bee population which effects the pollination of crops and thus directly effects our ability to produce food.

While reducing your carbon footprint may not have a huge impact, if 60% of the country does it, it will. The more important factor by far is of course the impact of industrial practices that need to change.

It's irresponsible to pretend that what humans do isn't directly impacting our environment. L.A. had to face that fact and make changes when they couldn't even breathe the air. Hopefully we can make necessary changes before anything that drastic happens again.