Monday, June 22, 2015

Extreme, Extreme, Extreme...Hardly

When I arrived at work today, I just had to look up recent past history.   Watching TWC & local noon broadcasts, everyone was talking about the unbelievable, extreme heat.   Geez, Summer started Sunday…June is supposed to be hot…but EXTREME?   Nope, not close.  Examples   June 2015  14 of the 1st 22 days have been 90 or hotter at MSY, but NONE so far have been 95+.  Compare…June 2014   12 out of 22  90+…NONE 95+.  However, look at June 2011 where 22 out of 22 were 90+ BUT 13 of the 22 were 95+…Yikes!   That’s EXTREME.    And there are many more years that have been much hotter than this June.  In fact, if the longer range models are correct, an unusually deep east coast trough is coming that will keep much of the eastern U.S. “cooler” for the next 7-14 days.  For us that means upper 80s to low 90s instead of the mid to upper 90s.   What I’ll be watching out for is any spin up along a weak front that might stagger off our coast on Sunday.  That how I believe we’ll see a tropical threat this season.   Not from some long track system coming in from the Atlantic.  Rather, it’ll likely be from something that develops over the Gulf or near Florida’s SE coast.   With the MJO unfavorable (sinking mode) right now, I don’t expect any action to happen.   But we are approaching July.  Stay tuned!

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