Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Bye June, Hello Heat...

June 2015 will go down as the 13th warmest June (out of 68) on record at MSY.   What I find interesting is the lack of “extreme” heat (95+).  In fact, this was the second June in a row with ZERO days 95+.  Compare that to the hottest summer (2011) ever when June had 16 days of 95+ days.  We may go into a brief heat wave over the weekend into next week, but models do not show that heat lasting all month.  Of course, every day here in the summer is hot.   It’s the degree of the heat.  There is a big difference between a high of 93 & a high of 98+.   We’ll soon have the opportunity to find out how  that feels next week.


The western Tropical Pacific is starting to get active with 2 storms while the Atlantic remains under high wind shear and deep African dust.  We should not have anything to track for the next 10-14 days.

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