Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Late June Front Coming?

Computer models have great difficulty dealing with the daily  pop up daytime heating type T-Storms in the lower latitudes.  However, they do much better with the upper air dynamics and most models are expanding a huge upper high over the western states (Heat Wave) while deepening an east coast trough for this weekend which should result in cooler temps for many folks.  Rarely do we see a well define cold front reach the Gulf Coast, but if the trough gets to be as deep as forecasted, we could see some drier air push down for Monday.  Ahead of this front, rain chances will be on the increase and that should mean our highs Sat-Sunday will be slightly less hot (85-88).  What we’ll have to pay attention are 1) the intensity of the storms ahead/along the frontal boundary and 2) if the front reaches the northern Gulf, be on the lookout for any spin up on the western end.   That’s how Alicia formed in August of 1983.  With the El Nino erupting and getting stronger by the day in the Pacific, any Tropical threat will have to come from something forming much closer in to us.  The far eastern Atlantic has way below normal water temps plus abundant African dust that any development there this summer is near zero.   So watch me focus on this approaching cool front coming.  It just may give us a nice couple of days relief from the usual summer heat?


I was going to write something about the flood of alarmist’s propaganda/news that keeps dominating all media, but what’s the point?   Perhaps this overload may actually get some of you folks to think…if you have the TRUTH, why do you have to sell the facts so hard?   Should not the facts sell themselves?   Except we are allowed to hear only one side of the “facts”.   Ponder

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