Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rain Machine Cranking Up

We saw above normal rainfall for both April & May and by the looks  of the computer models, we will be getting wetter for the rest of this week.   Today’s storms moved from the north to the south, a reversal of our more typical summer flow.  Wednesday & Thursday will see slow moving mainly PM daytime heating type storms before a deeper tropical surge arrives for Friday & Saturday.  We easily could pick up 4-6” over the next 4-5 days.   Won’t be surprised to see some brief street flooding and we’ll have to monitor the situation to see if any training of storms develop this weekend.  In the short term, I expect Wednesday & Thursday to be “more typical” in terms of seeing mainly PM storms before coverage increases for Friday & Saturday.    Several folks wonder why I can’t be more specific regarding rain chances in the summer.   The main problem is, front stop coming.  Our triggers for rain then become 1) daytime heating, 2) upper disturbances or 3) land/sea breezes or 4) a tropical disturbance.    Suffice to say, it will rain somewhere in the South just because of daytime heating, unless we have a huge upper level high that caps the atmosphere.   We had that high last weekend.  It is long gone for the rest of this week.   Stay tuned


Oh, by the way, it rained in parts of California again…their typical dry season.  

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