Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Arrives Sunday...

Meteorological Summer began on June 1st, but Sunday at 11:39 AM Astronomical summer arrives.   It really doesn’t mean anything for us as we know we’ll be hot everyday (90+) with relief coming on days that have more storms.   This weekend should see no major changes with below normal (20-30%) shower coverage and typical June heat 90+.  Next week an upper ridge may build over us resulting in the 1st real heat wave of the season.   Highs could soar into the mid 90s with little, or no rain around.   With the MJO going into a “sinking” phase, the Tropics are likely to stay quiet for awhile.  


As I have said before, the AGW folks treat the science like a religion.   Pope Francis confirmed that today.   Many of the things he said are true, however, when energy becomes more expensive, who gets hurt the most?  The very people he wants to help will suffer the greatest.  The “rich” will always be able to afford whatever.     To Be continued

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