Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baseball Bummer

FOX is carrying the ALL-STAR game tonight, and as usual, it is running long.   N.O. isn’t exactly a BB Town plus the game is a dud so we’ll have very few folks staying up to watch the weather.   Since we have an upper level blocking high stationary over us, our weather is not changing much for several days.    Storms are rotating around the high leaving us hot and dry.    That is likely to continue into the weekend so you’ll need to water the gardens, especially the potted plants.  Remember too, your pets.    Had my Bailey (a Westie) outside around noon for about 15 minutes and she began panting a lot.  Took her inside & she immediately dashed to the water bowl.  Heat can cause problems for animals too so use common sense precautions.   Tomorrow marks the halfway point to Meteorological Summer.   Before you start dreaming about Fall cold fronts, remember August is a long 31 days!  Stay tuned.

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