Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heat Wave...

Today reached 95 for the 4th straight day.  Professor Peter Yaukey, a local weather record keeper, tells me we never had such a streak anytime last summer.  In fact, you have to go back to August 2013 to find 5 straight days of 95+ temps.  So I guess when people says this summer feels hotter, they are correct.  It is hotter than last year but nowhere near the heat of 2011 when we already had 23 days of 95+.   Until a stalled upper high starts to move of weakens, expect more mostly dry and very hot weather into the weekend.  The tropics in our part of the world remain quiet, but the Pacific is on fire.  One Typhoon plowed across western Japan while Hurricane Dolores, once a Cat. 4, weakens on her journey to the NW well off the Mexican west coast.   The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo kicks off one week from Thursday.  Your don’t need a boat to fish Grand Isle as some good trout can be caught just off the beaches.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend?

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