Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some Welcomed Relief !!!

Our typical summer day would have morning sunshine bubble up scattered showers and storms by 11-12 noon.  That helps keep afternoon temps in check.  This July has seen an absence of daily showers resulting in highs soaring to near 100 degrees.  Today was such a day as we set new records at MSY (99) & Audubon Park (1001).   Fortunately several clusters of late afternoon storms arrived to really cool us off.  1-3”+ totals drenched both sides of the Lake.   Algiers almost had 5” (4.74”).   Hopefully we’ll see a repeat again on Thursday and Friday as the upper high that has been keeping us dry retreats farther to the west.  


A swirl of clouds has moved off of Africa and NHC is giving it a chance of developing into something before it encounters cooler waters & stronger shear later this week.  I don’t track activity that far out in the Atlantic.  More likely our next named storm will be along the Georgia/ Carolinas coast.  Stay tuned!


Robear said...

The last week or so have been WEIRD... When we HAVE managed to get the regular Summer heating of the day thunderstorms, they arent popping up untill 5 or 6pm.... at least over here in Slidell.... Whats causing them to NOT pop up untill so LATE in the day, Bob...?? I wanna hear your words of wisdom on this!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

1001 degrees would be some kind of record. I know it wasn't that hot, just a typo, but it sure did feel like it.