Saturday, August 29, 2015

Erika Downgraded

Tropical Storm Erika, once predicted to become a Hurricane, has failed to survive her journey over the mountains of Hispaniola.  Daylight satellite loops indicate there is a small swirl of clouds north of Cuba, but all the T-Storms have been left far behind.  As this small swirl reaches the Gulf, it will encounter strong SW wind shear making regeneration highly unlikely.  The National Hurricane Center has dropped all warnings for Erika as she is expected to only bring some heavy rains to Florida the next 2 days.  Louisiana can expect no impacts from what’s left of Erika.  The rest of the Atlantic is quiet, however, Hawaii is bracing for a powerful Cat. 4 hurricane lurking to their southeast.   It is expected to weaken, but still have enough wind & rains to impact the islands.

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