Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Bye Summer !

Historically, the 3 hottest months of the year are June, July & August, often referred to as “meteorological” summer.  It doesn’t mean we’re done with 90+.  We’ve seen 90+ temps into early October.  However, the deeper we get into September, the lower the night time lows get.  Record lows start in the low 60s dipping into the 50s and into the 40s by the last week.   The beast we call Summer is not gone yet, but it is heading towards the barn door. 


Hurricane Fred was the 1st storm in modern record keeping to reach hurricane strength coming off of Africa.  It has battered the Cape Verde Islands but already has weakened back to a Tropical Storm and will fizzle out in the next 1-2 days.   In the eastern Gulf there is a weak circulation that could be the remains of last week’s Trop. Storm Erika.  With strong SW shear over most of the Gulf, development, if any, would be slow to occur.  We are between the moisture over the eastern Gulf and a slug of tropical moisture rotating around an upper low in south Texas.  Computer models are keeping us mostly dry this week, but a slight shift to the east of the Texas upper low would result in higher rain chances here.   Stay tuned!



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