Monday, August 10, 2015

Hottest Since 2011...

The current heat wave makes many wonder if this is the hottest summer ever?  2015 was the 2nd hottest July, but during the Summer of 2011, August was a beast!   27 out of 31 days were 95+ with only 4 days below 95.   In August 2015 we have already seen 3 days out of the 1st 10 not reach 95.  With the upper high ,that has kept us hot & mostly dry,  predicted to retreat farther back over the Rockies by this weekend, we should see our rain chances increase to nearer normal (40-50%) levels.  That should mean this weekend should be less hot with more showers around.


The 1st third of August is over without any tropical development.   In fact, after an active week over the western Pacific, the Planet as a whole has gone quiet with only 1 hurricane in the Eastern Pacific and that one is weakening.   We have about 6-8 weeks before the “Fat Lady” approaches the stage to close out this season.  Too soon to relax, but things are looking good so far for little tropical activity.  Stay tuned!

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Robear said...

The last 2 yrs, I ve had a nagging feeling about Hurricane season before it started.... the SAME feeling I had as the 2005 season started.... and that did NOT end well.... I am SOOOOOO glad my nagging feeling is turning out to be a *false alarm* nagging feeling again!