Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Need Rain to break Heat Pain

This is our 3rd straight month of below normal/average rainfall which is not a good thing when our daytime highs are 95-100.   I’m beginning to see neutral grounds and some yards beginning to show a browning look as we have seen 9 out of the first 12 days in august 95+.   No immediate relief is expected Thursday & Friday, but models continue to indicate increasing rain chances over the weekend into next week.  Hopefully that will limit our highs to the low 90s instead of the 95-100 range we have been stuck in.   We have passed the historical hottest 2 weeks of the year and our average/normal highs/lows will slowly decrease as we head towards September.  Typically the first REAL cold front arrives between the 2nd & 3rd weeks.  If we can get Mother nature to give us back our daily summer storms, perhaps the next several weeks will be more tolerable?   Nah!  I love October!!!


The Tropical Atlantic remains quiet, but computer models are forecasting the  Western Pacific to go nuts again with 2 super typhoons developing during the next week.  That is typical of an El Nino year.  Stay tuned!

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