Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh What A Feeling !

Rob Masson is the resident sailor at FOX 8 and he told me while sailing the Lake this weekend (Sat-Sunday) he needed to put on a jacket at night as it was chilly on the Lake>  The North Shore did drop into the 60s but the big difference was the FEEL of the air with much lower humidity.  As we all know, that kind of feeling doesn’t last at this time of the year.  We’ll probably have to wait until mid-September to have another REAL cool front move through.  Until then, the muggies are back and that should mean better rain chances, especially since the upper ridge has retreated back to the west.   With more rain around, that hopefully will mean less hot later this week?


As predicted many months ago, Government will try to get more involved in our lives.  The President made that clear in his speech this afternoon.  He made Energy companies sound evil.  We will be forced to reduce our standard of living based on a bunch of arrogant scientists who believe they can stop the Earth’s ever changing climate.  The poorest of the poor need JOBS and the new EPA regulations will be a job crusher.     Reduce pollution?  All for it to a point.   But reducing CO2 emissions will not stop the Climate from changing.  While I listened to the President discuss more alarmist’s claims, I am looking at a paper that received widespread press back in 2006.  The claim by the authors (Doctors Chameides & Moore) was that “ warmer waters…because of global warming are increasing the ferocity of storms.”  The title of the paper was “Hurricanes and climate change”.   This is only one example of alarmist’s claims that were false and proven so by other hurricane researchers.   My point being…just because someone says it(like our President), doesn’t mean it’s true or correct.   Climate CYCLES, that’s what the President needs to learn about.  And despite a strong El Nino, the next cooling cycle has bugun.  Stay tuned!

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