Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Tire Wear...

Today made it 6 days in a row of temps 95+.  I wondered on-air last night what this kind of summer heat did to tire wear?  So I asked the Tire Expert, Marvin Bernstein of Delta World Tire to explain tire care.  Marvin said that under inflated tires will cause more tire wear than our hot summer temps.  Keep proper tire pressure to extend your tires life.  Plus, many tire/car  dealers are adding Nitrogen to your tires as it has been proven nitrogen dissipates tire heat better than ordinary air.  It might cost you a couple more bucks to do that, but it is well worth it.   Also, never keep a tire longer than 4-5 years even if you have good tread left.  Why?  The rubber in the tire will dry rot causing cracks to form that could result in a blow out.  Good advise.


We just missed out on some cooling T-Storms today.   They stayed to our north and veered to our west leaving us hot and dry.  A weak frontal boundary will sag thru during Wednesday and it could trigger some storms, mainly south of the Lake.  Thursday & Friday look dry before rain chances start to increase over the weekend.  Next week should be much wetter making it also less hot.   The Tropics remain asleep.  Stay tuned!

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