Monday, August 17, 2015

Tropical Hype

Yikes!   I’m way too old to start thinking about a tropical system 5+ days east of the Caribbean Islands.   Yet, that is what is happening already.   People looking at computer model runs 10-14 days out and BELIEVING THEM!   Good grief!   Models are only guidance yet so many take them as “Gospel”.   Here’s what I do know.  1) we are in the heart of Hurricane season. This is the time of the year we are supposed to see disturbances move westward off of Africa.  2) No one (except the Creator) can tell you 7-10 days out that a storm will move westward into the Gulf for the 1st week in September.  3) If you are taking a cruise, that is the safest place to be since cruise ships are moveable and steer clear of storms.   4)  If you are going to any Caribbean island in August or September, rates are lowest for a reason –Duh!   5) Satellite loops tonight tell me Danny will form during the next 2 days, if it forms at all.  Stay tuned!


Locally, today was day 2 where we stayed below 90 at MSY after 48 straight days 90+.   Welcomed rainfall made my yard look great.  Since the upper level high has shifted back out west, winds off the Gulf for the next 2-3 days should mean higher rain chances and temps less hot.  The high returns over next weekend meaning we are not done with the summer heat.   Enjoy the break while it lasts.

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JetfireK said...

Thank you for your fine weather reports and I appreciate most of all your 'wit'....'gully washers', 'frog stranglers,' 'The rain machine' and 'Almost on Cue'