Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dry Spell Could Be Ending?

When I lived up north, forecasting rainfall usually involved the movement of lows & fronts.  They could be tracked traveling across the country and their speed usually could be measured.  Oh how different down South, especially during the summer months.  Fronts mostly stop coming south so the driver of any showers is either daytime heating, sea breeze fronts or upper disturbances.  An upper disturbance sits over East Texas tonight where Galveston received over 2 ½ inches during the past 24 hours.  A wide area of showers is approaching our coast much like last night.  If the upper low stays put, most of these showers will dissipate before moving far inland.  However, any slight drift to the east could have us in the clouds and showers as Houston was today.  Their high was only 79 while ours was 92.  Computer models keep us staying mainly dry , but reality (radar) is showing some rain moving inland.   Don’t be surprised if we finally break our 10 day dry spell on Wednesday.


The President is on his climate agenda all week traveling all over the country burning all kinds of jet fuel.   What a carbon footprint!

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