Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gulf Watch Not to be Nervous

We have reached mid September with no tropical threat so far.  There is nothing in the next 7 days that will give us any problems as tonight computer models are far less aggressive on forming low pressure over the southern Gulf.  It appear there will be a broad low pressure area form west of Fort Myers by Friday, but fast west winds over the northern Gulf will steer that feature into and across Florida.  All we’ll see is brisk ENE winds with near zero rain chances through the weekend.   I don’t see another cold front coming before the last week in September, but you know more fronts will be coming.  I noticed water temperatures have dipped 8-10 degrees from their August highs of around 90.   We just need another couple of weeks and several more fronts to declare this hurricane season is over.   At least in terms of the bigger storms that would require evacuations.  The “Fat Lady” is approaching the stage & she’s getting closer to walking up the steps.  Bring on October!


The rains are coming back to California & already they are complaining because today’s 1-2” caused some flooding in southern California around L.A.   They want an end to their water woes, but they want it in gentle rains spread out over days & weeks.   Mother Nature rarely works that way, unless you are an AGW Alarmists and want us to believe nothing has happened before.  They have been blasting about the western fires & global warming for weeks.  Aren’t these the same folks who said global warming would result in more frequent & intense hurricanes & tornadoes?   Nah, they don’t want to talk about those facts…tornadoes down 20%+ nationally, not a major hurricane crossing the U.S. coastline for 10 years (Wilma 2005), a record length of time.   Ignore the facts that don’t fit your agenda.  That’s real science!


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