Thursday, September 24, 2015

Models Sticking on Gulf Low Next Week

For the past 3 days,  computer models have been hinting on some kind of closed circulation developing over the Central Gulf for early next week.   Should we be concerned?  Not yet since nothing is there.  Perhaps by Sunday PM we’ll have a better idea that a low will form.  At the moment, upper winds are too strong from the SW and my thinking is that will hinder anything from forming for 2 more days.  Bottom line, we have a long time to watch it and each day we get closer to October.    Our best scenario is that a low slowly develops spreading a large rain shield that soaks us for Monday & Tuesday.  We haven’t had a widespread rain event all summer and most yards and gardens could use that good soaking.    None of the models develops a strong system probably due to the too strong shear.  Concern?  Not yet, but we need to pay attention as we are still in September and the Gulf waters are plenty warm to support tropical development.   Relax and enjoy our mostly dry and too hot Friday & Saturday.  Stay tuned!


I’ll have more on the Pope’s challenge calling for action on climate change next week.

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