Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tropical Threat Shifts Away from Gulf

Water Vapor loops are showing a well defined upper low near Atlanta that has brought down a surge of dry air deep into the Gulf.  This has cleared out the western Gulf and forced all the storms to push towards Florida.  NHC now says there is some potential for development once the cluster of T-Storms exits Florida and moves east over the Gulf stream this weekend.   We’ll stay on the dry side of whatever forms with near zero rain chances.  I don’t see a real cold front coming until late next week at the soonest.   This last week of astronomical summer will certainly feel like it with daily highs 90+.  That includes Tiger stadium on Saturday where sunscreen & a hat will be a must.


We do have a new T.D. way out in the Atlantic followed by another swirl behind it.  We have already seen strong westerly shearing winds tear apart previous storms so these systems are not a future threat to the U.S.    In fact, long range computer models are not indicating any systems in the Gulf for the next 7-10 days.   On this anniversary of Hurricane Ivan in 2004, I’m not quite ready to declare this season is over, but past El Nino years have shown once into late September & October, the seasons have shut down.  I expect this year to follow past history.  Stay tuned!


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