Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Front our Friend or Foe?

Normally cold fronts are our friends as they bring relief from our long summer’s heat.  However, historically this week is the most active week in the hurricane season and dying fronts over the still way too warm Gulf waters sometimes lead to tropical formation.   The Gulf tonight still has a hostile environment over it with the remains of yesterday’s well defined upper low now just a strong shear zone.   However, the European computer model again forms low pressure over the western Gulf by Wednesday of next week.   That is a week away and it’s far too early to get nervous since nothing is there now.  I just don’t like to see day to day model consistency which might suggest they are on to something.   Let’s pay attention to the Gulf as this cold front moves off our coast this weekend.   Since Tropical Storm Henri was named tonight, the next storm will be Ida.


In the short term, Thursday and Friday will still feel summer-like with several stormy periods.  It appears the front will arrive in waves finally passing offshore after daybreak on Saturday.   You’ll notice a different feel to the air Saturday afternoon and Sunday and Monday mornings will be almost comfy cool in the 50s & 60s.  We’ll deal with any problems in the Gulf next week after the Saint’s victory in Arizona.  Who Dat!

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Robear said...

Ok, I have wondered this for YEARS... and I am going to ask... Bob, *HOW* CAN the models pick up and form something a week away, when there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OUT THERE for them to "pick up on" yet...?