Monday, September 28, 2015

What is Really Important?

This past weekend I visited my youngest son & his wife in Oklahoma City.  His office overlooks what was the Federal Building that was bombed several years ago.   The folks of Oklahoma have created a beautiful memorial to honor the 168 innocent victims who left home that day not knowing they would not return.  The tragedy was the fact that 19 children died in the building’s nursery.  They never had much chance to enjoy life.   As I gazed upon the 168 chairs covering the lawn, I wonder why people complain about the least important things in life.   Everything seems to be major nowadays.   I’m sure I’ll get the same feelings when I visit NYC & the 9/11 memorial.   If only we could figure out what really is important, this would be a better Planet for all.


Weather-wise, 10 days ago computer models started predicting a Gulf Low would form.   Over and over, day after day the models showed that trend.   It hasn’t happened due to strong shearing upper winds that have been typical this El Nino hurricane season.  That hasn’t stopped storms from forming as Joaquin, the 10th storm, was named tonight well east of Florida. .   It could become a hurricane over the next 2-3 days, but it is expected to turn to the north and never be a threat to the Gulf.    In fact, we’re looking for our next cold front to arrive on Wednesday and that should turn Joaquin to the north.  The question is, will it be soon enough to keep it east of the Carolinas?   Stay tuned!  Get ready for that Fall Feeling to return.

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