Friday, October 23, 2015

Drought Buster Coming...

The Hurricane Patricia hype is in full blast mode and it’s only a matter of time before the AGW Alarmists blame her on Global Warming.  Doesn’t matter we are in the 2nd strongest El Nino with very warm waters off the Mexican Coast and one would expect such a storm to explode in a favorable (rising air) MJO phase.  What is more interesting is computer models bringing the leftover moisture and energy into the NW Gulf bringing us the POTENTIAL for stormy weather here late Sunday into late Monday-Tuesday.  NWS is indicating 3-5” locally over a 2-3 day period which should cause no major flooding UNLESS we get into a “training situation” on Monday.   Usually when a heavy rain event is expected days ahead of time, it ends up being not so bad.  However, all indications point to some rough weather coming late Sunday into Tuesday.   This will not be a hurricane emergency type storm, but I would certainly do some shopping for basic supplies BEFORE the heavier rains arrive late Sunday.    We have been very dry for months so this will be much needed precipitation.  Let’s pay attention over the weekend as the system develops.  Stay tuned!  

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