Sunday, October 25, 2015

El Nino Gulf Lows

Wow, what a drought buster!   MSY is nearing 8 inches of rainfall since midnight and the wind gusts have been 40-45 mph+.  I understand this is part of the energy from Patricia, but I also feel we better get used to some whopper Gulf storms this Winter.  Fortunately we are not still in August or September with our very warm water temperatures otherwise this easily could have become a Tropical Storm.   The surface low appears to be just west of Morgan City and should be east of New Orleans after midnight.  The severe weather threat will leave as cooler air filters in for Monday.   There is not a strong push of cold air coming this week, but we will dry out.  Funny how Mother Nature works.  We go nearly 4 weeks without rain and get 3 times the “normal” October monthly rainfall in one day.  No, it’s not Global Warming.  It’s what happens during an El Nino year.  Don’t be surprised to see several Deep South snow storms perhaps like the “superstorm” of 1993 that shut down Atlanta for days.  Snow here?  That’s why you stay tuned!


In the short term, most storms will be east of New Orleans by midnight.  Morning drive will be cloudy & cooler with a stray leftover shower, but the heavy rains will be far to our east.  Our next challenge will be Halloween as models are hinting at another Gulf Storm for next weekend.  Yikes!

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