Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Heavy Rains Coming?

As our current dry spell nears 4 weeks, computer models are hinting that our best rain chances since late September will arrive on Sunday.   What we haven’t seen much this hurricane season is deep tropical moisture surging out of the Gulf.  Several weeks ago, a “training effect” developed over the Carolinas and I see the potential for that happening here on Sunday through Tuesday of next week.   The tropical connection will come from Hurricane Patricia currently in the Pacific off the Mexican coast.   A slow moving frontal boundary will approach Louisiana late Saturday and should provide the avenue for Patricia’s moisture to ride up along the front.  This event is still 4 days away but we should pay attention to see how this plays out.  Both the American and European models are hinting at some kind of low pressure forming south of Lake Charles moving northward late Sunday.  That would place us on the “ wet side” of that system.   Too early to sound the alarm.  Not too early to alert you to a heavy rain POTENTIAL FOR Sunday thru Tuesday.  Stay tuned!


In the short term, Thursday-Saturday looks warm & mostly dry with a few coastal showers.  Election day on Saturday should not have any weather issues except over NW Louisiana where showers will develop.     

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