Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Good to be Back...

My last year at Michigan was the 1st for Bo Schembechler.  It started a long history of winning Michigan Football that continued thru Lloyd Carr.  But then, “stuff happened”.  Michigan stopped winning and the best athletes went elsewhere (Ohio St., Mich. St. Notre Dame).  Is the coach that important?   Yep…Many of the same players that couldn’t win the last 2 years are now winning under Jim Harbaugh.   Hummm…that gets me thinking about the Saints.   Nah?


Our current dry spell has reached 15 days at FOX 8.  A weak front might produce a couple of stray showers Tuesday morning before we stay dry for the rest of the week.  That is typical for our Octobers.  As the air gets colder in November & December, cold fronts often produce way more showers & storms.   In fact, we have our secondary “severe weather season” in late Fall.    But for now we can just hope this front squeezes out a few brief downpours for our thirsty lawns & gardens.  Stay tuned!


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