Monday, October 19, 2015

No Gulf Low...

One thing I noticed after this last blast of Canadian air was the drop in the water temps across the northern Gulf.    Parts of Lake P. even dipped into the upper 60s with coastal waters 70-75.   That’s huge as we head into the last 10 days of October.   Remember, computer models last week said we would see a storm develop over the western Gulf and head northward.  Not happening.  In fact, the huge surface high is predicted to remain in place for the next 3-4 days steering any tropical moisture well to our south and west.   As the high finally shift eastward by this weekend, our rain chances will go up, especially for Sunday & Monday.   It would be nice if we could get in on the 1-2” expected over east Texas and that still might happen.   No real cold air is expected back until later next week.


FYI…more and more scientists are coming out of their closets regarding CO2  NOT being the driver of our current warming CYCLE.   Geez, these are not lowly TV weather people, but actual Ph.D.  Professors/Dept. heads at major Universities!   Of course the Global Warming Alarmists are rallying their troops, including the President & the Pope as the big Paris conference next year gets closer.   Expect more and more terrible stories about our poor planet.  The PR firms they employ will be working overtime to push their religion/agenda.   One only has to look at the rock formations of the Grand Canyon to understand from the millions of years of rock history, that the Earth’s climate has ALWAYS been changing.  As the current warming CYCLE wanes and the next cooling CYCLE begins, facts will finally be so overwhelming that the AGW crowd will be on full retreat.   We have so many other pressing problems to fix.  AGW is not one of them.

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