Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tropics Shut Down

Several weeks ago, I mentioned in past strong El Nino years, the hurricane season shut down late September into October.  Strong wind shear is the King and this year is looking more like past history.    Computer models have been hinting at low pressure forming over the Gulf for weeks.  The MJO oscillation was heading into the favorable (rising air) mode.   Yet nothing has formed.  Why?  Gotta be the strong winds covering the Gulf and Caribbean.   Viva El Nino!  Whatever causes us a quiet season, I’m all for it.   Of course, Alarmists are coming out regarding all the bad things El Nino will bring to the West Coast this Winter.   Sometimes El Nino brings good too.


The brief showers some folks saw today were the 1st rain drops seen this month.   It wasn’t even enough to wet the ground in most places.   A much better rain chance should arrive Sunday & Monday when a weak front gets near.   Until then, it’s water the gardens the next 2-3 days.  Stay tuned.

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