Thursday, November 5, 2015

From near Record Warmth to Cooler, but not Cold

Y’all know I enjoy warm-hot weather, but I know many folk want to see cooler temperatures for various reasons.  1) Duck season opens Saturday and hunters know cold air from the north drives down more ducks to LA/MS.   2)  After a long, Hot Summer, people want to start wearing sweaters & jackets again.  3)  Hot tub owners know it feels much better getting out of the water when the air temps drop below 80.   Some call it invigorating, others energizing.  I say comfy cool.   But that’s it.  Go below 50 and I’m heading to Puerto Vallarta !


This will be the 3rd straight weekend of rain.  No it will not rain the whole weekend with Sunday looking to be the driest day, but there will be many rainy periods, especially late Saturday into early on Sunday. We could see another 1-2” in spots, but there should not be the super heavy rains of the past 2 weekends.   Sunday’s highs will stay in the 60s….Burrrr!

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