Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Get to your Children...

Since our weather is quiet tonight, let me add on to my AGW comments of yesterday.  Today’s press release comes from a PR firm called Meltwaterpress.com.    They applaud the Michigan State Board of Education for adopting “Next Generation Science Standards.”  Yep, if scientists can’t convince the adults, they go after our kids.   Makes sense, except when the Earth’s current warming CYCLE begins to cool (already started), these students will be adults and will wonder why their teachers taught them ideas that proved wrong.     These scientists want to teach that man made global warming is fact.  They don’t want these kids to hear anything else.  “Students…need to understand the causes & impacts of climate change.”  Sounds good, except what are the causes?    They won’t allow the kids to know that the biggest greenhouse gas is WATER VAPOR!  Alas, that must be a pollutant?   They won’t let the kids know that more greenhouse gases belch out of volcanoes than what man puts into the atmosphere.  Meltwaterpress.com calls it…”21st Century science education”.    What do you call it?  Propaganda?   

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