Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good bye Hair, Hello Tomorrow!

Sometimes in life, one needs to take risks, to go where you aren’t sure about the future, but you trust your instincts.  Tonight the little fella made such a choice as I ditched my hairpiece for good.   So far the feedback has been very positive.  From “you look younger! “ To  “why did you wait so long?”   I guess vanity played a role, but now in the Winter of my life, that is less important.   Hope most of you enjoy the new me.  So far I do!


What a different feel outside tonight.  We’re  20 degrees cooler than last night when we were still in the warm air sector.  The problem tonight is we have light winds with clear skies and lots of leftover moisture from overnight heavy rainfall…perfect ingredients for patchy dense fog.  Allow some extra drive time in the morning.  Otherwise get out and enjot the weather Thursday & Friday before our next front on Saturday PM brings us the coldest air in 6 months.  We’ll need heavy coats Saturday night through early Monday.   Winter is coming early.  Burrrr!


MOMMUH said...

You look good, Bob!

Sumita Rao said...

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