Monday, November 2, 2015

Lost Weekends!


The past 2 weekends have been mostly in the dumper with lots of clouds & rain making most outdoor activities unconfortable.   Yet another storm system is pushing inland over California bringing them much needed rain & snow.  This system is on track to arrive here late Friday into Saturday making part of this weekend another in da dumper.   Timing is everything in weather and it appears our next system will not be as strong and will move thru quicker than this past weekend.  That should leave Sunday the better day.  With no big dip in the jet stream returning to the east coast this week, our next front will have little cooling with it.  We’ll have to wait until the second week in November to see a really strong (cold) front push thru the deep south.   I’ve got my sweaters ready…just won’t need them this week.   Stay tuned!

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