Monday, November 9, 2015

No 4 Peat !

We have endured 3 straight rainy weekends…not just a little rain, but lots of rain.  Finally it appears that pattern will break with the threat of rain shifting to the middle of this week with next weekend dry.   Next weekend will see probably the coolest weather so far this Fall, but if you’re dressed for it (sweaters/jackets), it will feel great.


The assault on all of us for damaging the atmosphere is going into high gear.   A day doesn’t go by without several global warming alarmist’s stories.   There will be more poverty by 2030, there will be fewer crops to eat by 2050, there will be more bugs, more diseases yada, yada, yada.   Stories after stories pushed out by multiple PR firms employed by…you guessed it…our government to help “educate” us on the dangers of AGW.    You’ll hear very little about the ongoing volcanoes that keep erupting, the methane vents belching gas underneath our oceans or how NOAA/NASA keep fudging data to fit the agenda of AGW.   What is that agenda?    Simply to have more control over us and to redistribute wealth from the “richer” countries to the “poorer”.   It’s not about cleaner air.  We all want that…but at what costs?   The World’s economy relies on inexpensive but dependable energy.   Wind & solar cannot provide that.   What our government should do is offer any inventor a multi-billion dollar reward for coming up with an alternative fuel other than coal, natural gas or oil that is cleaner and as efficient.   Capitalists respond to incentives.

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