Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Glad I live South...

It’s taken a while but Mother nature is reminding folks up north what Winter is supposed to feel like.  After a record warm December, the chill is building over the northern plains & Great Lakes.  As the snow cover deepens and spreads farther to the south, the chill is showing signs of strengthening.   Sooner or later, I expect a snowstorm to explode along the east coast perhaps soon as this Friday.  Models are hinting that the storm will be mainly rain, but I’d be nervous if I lived in D.C., Philly, NYC of Boston.     For us, we’ll enjoy a great Wednesday with sunshine & 60+ readings.  Clouds return on Thursday with some showers after dark.  The bulk of the rain will stay off our coast and be gone by early on Friday.   Friday could be nice if the sun peeps out with highs near 70.   The weekend looks colder with another rain threat Saturday night into early on Sunday.   Next week could be a fun one for you cold weather “geeks” as the European model brings us more cold than the GFS.   Stay tuned!

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