Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wonderful Weekend

Whether you’re a rider in the parade or one of the thousands watching, the most important weather element is NO RAIN !   After that, it’s TEMPERATURE followed by WINDS.     For the 1st weekend of big parades, rain chances are zero for Friday, near zero on Saturday and less than 10 % on Sunday.   Translation…it’s not gonna rain.   For temperatures, the warming trend begins Friday PM with highs in the 60s with Sat-Sunday both topping 70 which is as good as it gets in January.   Winds also should not be an issue until Sunday PM when they will start to pick up from the SE.   A major winter storm system will coming into the central plains on Monday & Tuesday triggering some violent storms on the east (warm ) side and heavy snows on the north & west sides.  All showers should be gone for Wed nite’s parades.  Next week could bring us our coldest so far this year for Thursday & Friday.  It’ll be dry but very cold with highs in the 40s & nights in the 20s & 30s.   A warm up starts on Saturday with no rain, but Sunday into Monday could turn stormy again.  Mardi Gras still looks dry but chilly (50s).    Stay tuned !

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