Friday, February 19, 2016

1st 80 degree day?

Not like it’s a big deal, but we still have not reached 80 degrees this year.  Our last 80 was back on Dec. 27, 2015.   Saturday’s record high is 82 at MSY and morning fog and more clouds should prevent us from reach that.  However, we could sneak up to 80 if we see enough sunny breaks.  Sunday should have more fog & clouds keeping us in the 70s before our next front brings a rain chance back by Monday PM.   Next week could get really ugly as colder air filters down in surges.  Add in another fast moving upper disturbance producing wind & a cold rain and we’ll long for the warmth of this weekend.  Get out and enjoy as it will not last.


As my countdown to retirement reaches 12 days, I’ve been recalling some memories of the past 38 years.  I remember the times when N.O. Native Richard Simmons had a popular exercise show on Ch. 8 back in the 80s.  Back then, each TV station threw a huge “Preview Party” for commercial clients showing what the new network shows looked like and what shows were returning.  Sometimes we had one of the “stars” come to the party to help hype their show.  Such was Richard Simmons.  The party I remember was at the old Beverly Dinner Theater off River Road near Ochsner (now a parking lot).   Richard bounded on stage amid blasting music getting the crowd of several hundred into exercising.  He then called up all the male anchor folks and reporters on to the stage and had us strip down to our waists.  He then asked the audience to vote for the sexiest body.  My main competition was our sportscaster named Ron Swoboda.  The rest of the guys already had a “beer gut”.   The vote came down to me and Ron.   How could the “little fella” beat out the World Series Hero from the 1969 New York Mets?  The answer is….I didn’t!   Ron won but still  is one of my golfing partners and one of my life heroes.  So much more to remember as time is getting short…err. I mean limited!

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