Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feeling Sad Tonight...

Was going to talk more about my incredible ride in Argus yesterday, but the tragic news about former Pelican’s Coach Monty Williams’ wife dying in a car crash has me bummed.    She was only 44 and had 5 children, the youngest being only 5.    I invite you to go on the web tonight and do a Lady Gaga search for…”Til it happens to you”.    I lost my wife suddenly at age 54, but my children were not kids anymore.  My youngest was 20, my oldest 28.   They didn’t need help with homework, getting dressed for school or just making dinner for them.   Nope, but I remember it was very hard to face the reality of being alone in this world.    I feel Monty’s pain tonight because I know how it feels.  But in Lady Gaga’s song, there is an inspiration about keeping your head up and be strong…and move on.  Far too soon for Monty to even think of moving on .  May he be in all of our prayers tonight, because til it happens to you, you really don’t know.


A spring preview will arrive tomorrow and last through Friday before a cold front reminds us it’s still February on Saturday.

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