Monday, February 8, 2016

Hail Argus !!!

I Am excited to be the Grand Marshal for the Krewe of Argus tomorrow in Metairie and am encouraged that with bright all day sunshine, it won’t be so uncomfortably cold as earlier expected.  It’ll be breezy early adding to the morning chill, but by the noon hour temps should be around 50+ with less wind during the afternoon.    Come on out and enjoy the fun.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch one of the 5,000 doubloons with my image on it?   


Looking back on  Mardi Gras past, I remember my favorite costume was dressed up as a 60s hippie with a full beard.  My wife (Brenda) did my make up and was so good at it, when I walked into the newsroom, no one knew it was me until I opened my mouth!     On St. Charles Avenue, I could walk around with no one knowing who I was.   It was a different experience.    Over the years, we  typically just dressed in tuxedos.   When floats came by, they recognized us and really threw a lot of stuff.  When I was hippie Bob, I got nothing.  One of my funny, but true carnival stories.


Weather-wise, we are getting to the time of the year where the higher sun angle starts to make a difference.  Doesn’t mean we are done with the freeze threats, but we are nearing the end of Meteorological Winter on Feb. 29th.   Once into March, daily “normal” highs top 70 and we will enjoy a 8-10 week stretch of enjoyable weather before the Summer heat returns in early May.  Stay tuned!

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