Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Parade Rain Outs This Year...

Was trying to remember if we have ever gone through a Carnival season where not one parade rolled in the rain or had to rescheduled because of the rain.  Yea we had some big storms on Tuesday but no parades were rolling that night.   Looking ahead through Mardi Gras, the only rain chance (<5%) comes on Saturday and those chances are slim to none.  So the good news is parade weather will be dry.  The bad news is some cold air will make things uncomfortable to be outside especially on Monday & Tuesday.  A big dip in the jet stream, the East Coast trough will pull down an Arctic air mass that will keep highs mainly in the 40s despite lots of sunshine.   Brisk winds will make it feel even colder.   The best days will be Friday (55-60) and Sunday (62-66).   Maybe the cold will back off for Tuesday, but right now I’m going for multi-layers for the Krewe of Argus.  Stay tuned!


As I near the final curtain at Ch. 8, I remember fondly some of my co-workers who have gone on to the next life.  You’ll remember the names of Alec Gifford, Buddy Diliberto, Ron Hunter,  Ed Marten & Mike Herrera.  There are several photographers, producers & editors that worked behind the scenes who are no longer with us and they deserve much of the credit for my success.    I still play golf with former Sports Director Ron Swoboda, but unfortunately have lost touch with many others.   38 years of memories here at Ch. 8.  Most were good, many were funny.  Tomorrow night I’ll recall my first German Festival.

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