Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Rain !!! But You'll Need Da Coats...

It’s not often that we can say no rain for the next 5-7 days, and I can’t say that tonight.   However, if computer models prove correct/verify, the only day we might see a stray (<20%) shower would be late Saturday.   Our issues won’t be wetness, but winds & cold coming in surges with brief warm ups in between.    The 1st cold surge is arriving tonight and you’ll need outer gear on Thursday despite a return of all day sunshine.  Friday will see less wind & perhaps highs around 60.  A weak upper disturbance will increase clouds on Saturday keeping highs in the 50s (40s at night) with a brief warm up for Sunday.  The real chill will arrive next week.  RIGHT NOW, it appears the coldest air plows through late Mardi Gras into Wednesday.   Regardless of the timing, our recent stretch of 70+(6 straight days) will not happen again for another 2 weeks as the Arctic cold keeps coming.   What did the Ground Hog say?   An early Spring?  Sure doesn’t look so.  Stay tuned!


Perhaps you’ve noticed my son has placed a countdown clock on ?   We are counting down my remaining time at Ch. 8.   I’ll try to recall a funny moment each night that happened many years ago.    The first was 4 weeks on the job back in May of 1978.  Some of you might remember that was the 1st of our “100 year floods”.   Our anchorman/news Director Alec Gifford said…”let’s do a live shot front outside the station to show the flooding”.    Back then there were no “live trucks”.   So here I go sloshing out to a flooded car and sitting on the hood dragging the microphone cord through the water.    All I could think of was…”weather man electrocuted during flood”.   Luckily I wasn’t, the shot looked great and Alec proved to me he knew what was news.  

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ESJH1 said...

You have been on my television for the last 25 years. Thanks for all the important malformation you have given my family.