Sunday, February 21, 2016

Severe Threat Tuesday?

Although we don’t live in “tornado alley”, we occasionally get some severe weather.  Our severe storm “season” generally begins in late February and lasts in early April.  That’s when the winter cold clashes with the Spring-like warmth over the Gulf South.  Add in an upper disturbance creating shearing winds and, bud da boom, we can get strong storms.  Such a set up is coming on Tuesday.  SPC has us in the slight risk for severe storms.  Let’s see if they upgrade that on Monday.  If so, it’ll be pay attention time on Tuesday.  Behind this system will be colder but drier air for the rest of this week.


I have been recalling some of my favorite memories of these past 38 years.  One of them was back in 1981 when the station’s consultant recommended to our General Manager (Late Bob Olsen) that “Bob Breck would never make it in this market.  We suggest he be fired”.  Well, Mr. Olsen must have been a far smarter man, because he stuck with me.  I decided to do what worked for me in Dayton, Ohio…get on radio.   Perhaps some of you remember my being on B-97 FM with “Scoot in the morning”?  Or how about with John Walton & Steve  Johnson, the man of many voices?   In addition to the pop rock station, I also was on WNOE (Country) and WBYU (Easy listening).   Radio exposed me to a far larger audience and helped improved my market research.  By the late 80s, the only personality to have higher research scores was Angela Hill.   Once I had people watching, I’d like to think they liked what they saw.   I try to not just be a weather reporter, but to be a storyteller as to what, why & when.  As I leave “the business”, I hope consultants don’t try to change what I have been successfully doing for 38+ years.  Hiring David Bernard should prevent that.   Stay tuned!

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