Monday, February 22, 2016

Severe Threat Tuesday

Timing in weather is like location in Real Estate.   If your event is on a Thursday (Pelicans next game) and storms come on Tuesday, then you have good timing.  If you have an outdoor party for Tuesday, then timing is  in the dumper.   A powerful, fast moving upper disturbance is heading our way and will bring with it the threat for several hours of severe weather.  RIGHT NOW, the hours of 2-6 PM appear to be the time for us to pay attention.   What can be expected with great certainty 1) heavy downpours (1-2” totals), 2) Gusty south winds 20-40 mph gusting to 50+.  There is far less certainty regarding a tornado and hail threat, but those possibilities exist.    Much Drier & colder air follows the front for the rest of the week.   Oh, I forgot to mention the dense fog threat for tonight & early AM.   Whew!  Stayed tuned!

With 9 days left until retirement, I continue to recall some past events in my career at Ch. 8.    I’ve already mentioned how I became in love with fishing.   Some of the Captains that took me out to wet a line where Capt. Aaron & his wife Nellie down in Cocodrie.  They were so kind & patient with my kids.    Capt. Stu Sheer showed me some great fishing out of Cocodrie along with Johnny Glover.  Ch. 8’s Bob Del Giorno, the 1st Louisiana Sportman took me on some great trips.    Capt C.T. Williams, FOX 8’s current fishing guru showed me some hot spots out of Hopedale last summer.   Capt. Luke Gennaro was my very 1st fishing trip and he is the man who started my love affair with trout.   The many Captains based around Grand Isle made my Tarpon Rodeo so enjoyable.   But the man who takes me out the most is Captain Hylton Petit, my State Farm agent.   Hylton is the most patient; knowledgeable guy I know and I thank him for putting up with such a part time “player”.  I have promised him I’ll get better now that I can fish more often.  Before all of this gets too smelly, I’ll end the fish stories tonight.  More tomorrow

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