Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring preview

Looking at my citrus trees today and it was not surprising to see new growth coming out.  Even my water oaks are showing signs of budding.   We still have another 3 weeks of Meteorological Winter and the opportunity for freezes exists well into March, but it is truly amazing to watch Mother Nature work her magic as the sun angle gets higher and the days get longer.   Even the birds are getting their nests ready in my 4 bird houses.  It’s an exciting time of the year, but not everywhere.  A huge brutally cold air mass in Canada is heading towards the Great lakes & North East.  NYC may go below zero for the 1st time in decades.  Fortunately for us, we’ll only get brushed by the chill on Saturday with the core staying well to our north & east.  Enjoy Friday’s warmth (70s) as Saturday will stay in the 50s requiring sweaters & coats again.  It won’t last long.


Looking back at nearly 4 decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great journalists.  I’ve already mentioned the late Alec Gifford, but there was also Mel Leavitt and his great voice, Buddy Diliberto who would give you the shirt off his back, World Series hero Ron Swoboda,  Richard Anderson. Margaret Dubuisson, Warren Bell, and many others.  The problem with Ch. 8 back then was stability.  We never kept the same anchor team together very long.   That is no longer the case as Kim Holden, Nancy Parker, John Snell & I have been together for over 20+ years.  Add in Lee Zurik and it’s no wonder our ratings have passed Ch. 4 at 10 PM.     I have not worked for a # 1 news team since my Tampa days back in the 70s.  So nice to reach retirement knowing we could be # 1 in New Orleans.  Stay tuned!

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